What I Do

I design and hand make all pieces using traditional jewellery making techniques. I develop wearable pieces with a contemporary design and a high quality finish. There are a number of collections, often representing recognisable forms such as animals, wildlife, plants and trees. There is something about recognizable pieces which has the ability to remind us of fond memories.

Each piece is unique, if a piece is remade, I adjust the design slightly to ensure individuality and to accomodate different and often unique stones. The essence of the piece is always retained.
New designs are being added regularly.

Delicately hand pierced, each item is individually made-by-hand and involves detailed fine saw piercing work to create the intricate detail and uniqueness of each dragonfly.

I love the countryside!! A ‘growing’ range of pieces representative of trees, wildlife and animals associated with countrylife and seen across Britain. To make browsing easier, this collection is over 3 pages, ‘British Wildlife’, ‘British Birds’, ‘Trees’. A variety of precious gemstones are incorporated to enhance some of the designs.

A magnificent and striking bird, with the shimmering blues and greens of its feathers. Pieces are designed to represent the peacock and its plumage. Gold and a selection of precious gemstones, particularly opals have been used to capture the magnificence of this bird.

Inspired by many images from victorian times, small birds with gold tails, sit, perched on branches, on their own, in pairs, and are combined with moonstones, tanzanites and pearls often associated with the era.

Etched and carved starfish in silver or gold are combined with precious stones or swarowski crystals to add detail and colour representative of the beach and the summer.

Inspired by patterns and images often seen in stately homes and the wonderful designs of William Morris. In silver and 9ct gold, including citrines, praisolite (green amethyst) and green quartz.

I make All rings completely by hand. Choose from a selection of individual rings OR mix and match from a variety of stacker rings set with gorgeous gemstones. Commissions taken.