Swivel Lockets

An intriguing piece of jewellery, incorporating 3D design with delicacy and movement.
If you have ‘fiddly fingers’ and love tactile moveable jewellery, the swivel locket gives those fingers something to twiddle with!
Inspired by the traditional locket, but with an unusual twist (or swivel), literally!
The 3 layers slide apart, revealing the delicate detail incorporated in to the piece and which combine to give a
3D effect.
Using a strong silhouette, which has detail added by removing metal on a different layer,
allowing the colour of a gemstone to show through. The ‘back’ has intricately pierced detail,
which allows light in to the piece and gives the versatility of being able to wear the locket eitheway around.
This is a very tactile piece, encouraging ‘fiddling’ whilst worn!